Demographics and life history of poultry on smallholder farms in Vietnam

Maciek Boni Economic Epidemiology

Python the language and python the reptile, together at last in this veterinary epidemiology publication on the demographics of smallholder domestic poultry farms in #SEAsia. There is substantial overlap of flocks, species, and ages: they are not run as all-in-all-out-systems. 1/

For those interested in #mathematicalmodeling of #avianinfluenza, including circulation of #H5N1 in poultry flocks, diagram below gives you the birth, death, purchase, sale parameters you need. Paper is here: 2/

Thanks to a great field team – Thanh, Xuyen, Co Tuyet, Lam, and the Ca Mau sub-Department of Animal Health, and thanks to Alexis Delabouglise and Benjamin Nguyen-Van-Yen for assembling and analyzing 1087 poultry flocks (cohorts). @PennStateBio @ciddpsu @OUCRU_Vietnam 3/

Just a short note in Sep 2023, following up on this thread as we unroll and archive, that our epi / global health community has great interest in #H5N1 influenza when it is circulating in wild birds above our heads, but we have failed to re-focus or computational epi tools … 4/

.. on the endemic #avianinfluenza circulation in East Asia, the millions of smallholder farms and thousands of local/roadside markets where it makes contact with humans, and the basic farm-level microeconomic questions that need to be addressed to start making progress here. 5/

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