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  • Overlap between vaccination and infection during Jan-June 2021

    Hi #epitwitter, sorry to pile on with bad news, but we’re not as immune as we think, and it’s not just #Omicron‘s immune escape. In southern New England, it turns out that ~27% of vaccines were given to previously infected individuals. Pre-print below. 1/… Estimates are that 34% of vaccines in Rhode Island, 28%…

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    Hi #epitwitter SARSCoV2 attack rate in MA thru Feb 28 is estimated at 24.6% (95% CI: 22.4%-26.3%). It’s difficult to pin this down closer than 3 to 4 percentage points, as there are still several model fits that work well. Underreporting is still at about 3 for Massachusetts. 1/ The Jan 31 estimates had a…

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  • Demographics and life history of poultry on smallholder farms in Vietnam

    Python the language and python the reptile, together at last in this veterinary epidemiology publication on the demographics of smallholder domestic poultry farms in #SEAsia. There is substantial overlap of flocks, species, and ages: they are not run as all-in-all-out-systems. 1/ For those interested in #mathematicalmodeling of #avianinfluenza, including circulation of #H5N1 in poultry flocks,…

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