OUCRU workshop on economic epidemiology

Economic Epidemiology

On March 25-26, the OUCRU Mathematical Modeling Team hosted the TDModNet Workshop on Economic Epidemiology. The workshop brought together principal investigators, postdocs, and students from various Oxford overseas units who share interests in health economics, the integration of economic and epidemiological dynamics in disease systems, and how human behavior affects the dynamics of epidemics. The workshop was structured into four …

The future evolution of bird flu


A recent publication of ours in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society was featured by Carl Zimmer on National Geographic’s blog site Phenomena. The article discusses the potential paths of virulence evolution for subtype H5N1 avian influenza viruses should they ever cause a pandemic in humans. Carl Zimmer’s blog piece can be found here: The Future Evolution of Bird Flu

Early weeks of 2009 influenza pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City


In Vietnam, the first patient infected with the 2009 H1N1 pandemic influenza virus landed in Ho Chi Minh City airport on May 26, 2009. One month before this introduction, the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit and the Hospital for Tropical Diseases had begun testing patients with fever arriving at Ho Chi Minh City’s international airport, and tracking passenger numbers and …